川島誠/Kawashima Makoto(Alto Saxophone)


1981年生まれ。2008年からアルトサックスの即興演奏をはじめ、2015年、P.S.F. Recordsからソロ・アルバム『HOMO SACER』を発表する。

2019年アメリカロサンゼルスのレーベルBlack Editionsより『HOMO SACER』がアナログ盤で再発され、



自己のレーベルHomosacer Records(ホモ・サケルレコード)主宰。



Born in 1981

2008 Started improvising alto saxophone

2015 Released his solo album "HOMOSACER" from P.S.F. Records

2016 Released DUO album “Hamachidori” with percussionist Naoto Nishizawa (HMSD-001)

2017.6.25 Participated in P.S.F.

V.A.Tokyo Flashback P.S.F. (CD) Includes Disk 2 Tr.8 "Mado Karano Kagayaki"

2017 Released solo album "Dialouge" (HMSD-003)

2018 Released split LP "Free Wind Mood" with Harutaka Mochizuki from French label An'archives Featured on Serbian national radio Belgrade

2019 P.S.F. "HOMOSACER" released from Records has been remastered and reissued on LP from Los Angeles label Black Editions, USA.

In the same year, he toured the United States and performed in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

2020 Formed “Ochiho no Ame” with bassist Luis Inage and drummer Naoto Yamagishi.

In 2021, the 1st "Yamanekoken" and the 2nd "Shuyukan" will be released in succession


Released "DUO" with Yoshihide Otomo on guitar in the same year


Participated in a party to send off his good friend Takayuki Hashimoto in the same year

Solo performance and collaboration with Keiji Haino

A trio with Yoshihide Otomo and Hiroshi Yamazaki at Natteru House in 2022

Continuing his activities in Japan and abroad centered on his solo

Though he has played the saxophone for just over 15 years, Makoto Kawashima has emerged as one of the most original improvisers in a new generation of Japanese players. His releases on his own Homosacer label as well as on this, his debut reveal a haunting and impassioned style of playing.

"Homo Sacer -- Sacred Human. Kawashima's sax is ripe with the spirit of Japanese free jazz, dwelling as it does between the violent and the beautiful. Kaoru Abe, Masayoshi Urabe, Harutaka Mochizuki... all of these altoists live in an area of personal expression rare in the world, one that feels like the body itself is being whittled away at. It feels like we have a new genius to add to that list." --Hideaki Kondo, from the Japanese liner notes